This is a post-jam version of my LOWREZJAM entry. See the downloads for the original version!

Make sure to check out the map if you get stuck!

Gamepad controls

  • LB/RB to control the flippers (triggers also work)
  • Left stick/D-Pad to nudge the ball (costs 1 stamina)
  • Start to pause
  • Select open the map

Keyboard controls

  • X/C to control the flippers
  • Arrow keys to nudge the ball (costs 1 stamina)
  • P/Esc to pause
  • M/Tab to open the map

Keyboard controls (alternative)

  • J/K to control the flippers
  • WASD to nudge the ball (costs 1 stamina)
  • P/Esc to pause
  • M/Tab to open the map

If you are using private browsing the game won't work properly!


Game made in 2 weeks for the LOWREZJAM 2023.

Post-jam changelog

  • Increased game view from 64x64 to 160x90
  • Added the Treetop Temple endgame area
  • Added 3 new enemies
  • Added 2 new skins
  • Added input remapping
  • Added skin unlock hints
  • More polished minimap
  • More polished title screen
  • Fixed most collisions issues
  • Fixed softlock in High Bough area with only 1 stamina


Infinite Tree Pinball Windows 75 MB
Infinite Tree Pinball Windows (Jam Version) 47 MB


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(1 edit) (+1)

you could've made the credits shorter :p

(1 edit) (+1)

I got stuck permanently in Lv. 1. The blue slime didn't get damaged, but it kept jumping and pushing the ball into the slope.

Had to reset.


more updates! This is good, I wanna see more zones!


I've included Infinite Tree Pinball in my LRJ video @ 2:03:25


I'd think the shift keys would be more intuitive for keyboard controls. X/C, J/K are too close together!

Thanks for the feedback! Using one hand to control the flippers and the other for nudging felt more natural to me but now I realize that many pinball players use the shift keys, I'll add them to the post-jam version.

(2 edits) (+1)

Collision detection needs work, I clipped into the stage a few times and had to return to the checkpoint when nudging the ball around a corner. Loved everything else.

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback! I agree I should have spent more time polishing the collisions, I'll try to fix these issues after the rating period has ended.


I really enjoyed playing your pinball game! This was really cool. Great graphics and the mechanics were fun!